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Care yourselves with the best cure. Consult with our specialized ayurvedic medical practitioners to know about your health.  From our list of treatments and massages get the best that you need. Customize your Ayurveda package. 

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Ayurveda is the traditional way of healing with natural medicines. The state was once treated by the Ashta Vaidyas and their successors, following their culture even today Kerala is one among the best Ayurveda health tourism destinations in the world. We provide a range of Ayurveda packages including Ayurveda massages and other rejuvenation packages. We serve our clients with the best Ayurveda treatment available in Kerala. Ayurveda in Kerala will be a definite relief to your ailments

Yoga & Meditation

The intangible cultural heritage that improves your spirituality is not far from you. Join our Yoga sessions and rejuvenate yourself. Focus your minds; choose happiness, throw away your anxiety,  get rested, meditate, relax and feel centered.

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Get Self Realized with our Yoga packages and Self healed with our Ayurveda Packages. With our yoga packages customers are able to manage their tensions and worries. Our yoga and ayurveda tourism packages assure you a rejuvenated body, mind and soul. 


Gain the sacred knowledge of you life. Take care of your health in the traditional path of cure. We are the providers of best ayurveda massages, treatment. Our attractive ayurveda tourism packages energize the lifestyle of our customers with positive vibes.

Our Experts Would Love To Create A Package Just For You!

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Our Experts Would Love To Create A Package Just For You!

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Avikaa is one of the leading travel operators located in South India providing travel services all around the world with an experience of about two decades. We provide an extensive range of travel solutions for family, group, corporates and educational purpose. Since our inception we indulge in creating innovative travel ideas to give our customers their most valuable and memorable travel days of their life.We are flexible to the needs of our clients and hence we create customized tour packages as desired by them. We are undoubtedly the best and friendly travel guides whom our clients trust. With our broad business links we assure top services to our clients. We contemplate a long lasting mutual relationship with our customers in all the travels of their life

Avikaa is a unique travel management company where we provide ayurvedic, medical and health tourism. We do care for our customers health and so provide yoga, meditation, rejuvenation and ayurvedic treatment packages. We connect you with the best ayurvedic medical practitioners to guide you in choosing the best treatment packages in Ayurveda